Some history

The women Tour de France does not exist Since 1989.

Formerly, the women’s stage race had the same status and media coverage as the men’s one.
Nowadays it is a time when professional riders and amateurs get together to draw attention to the reality of women cycling and to set off the revival of a great women stage race in France.

During the last five years, they got only « La Course by le Tour de France », a unique stage at the Champs Elysées, and one more stage in the Alps last year.

These are only the first steps, and there is still a lot to be done before the professional women riders will get there deserved place in this history of world cycling and will get the same attention from the media.

The Project

In 2023, the 9th annual edition of the project took place: 9 female amateur cyclists rided again the entire route one day ahead of the professional men’s peloton.

This feast of women cycling on the french territory is aiming to exceed the achievements of previous years and to amplify the message, first of all by increasing the number of women participating in every single stage, whatever is their cycling discipline of riding style.

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  • Promote women cycling and unite cyclists of different styles and levels, from the beginners to professionals, around the peloton Donnons des elles au vélo J-1.
  • Incite the race organizers and the authorities to launch in a big women stage race on the French territory.
  • Raise the media coverage of women cycling to change the image, break the stereotypes and present the heterogeneity in sport.


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In 2017, France TV have dedicated to the project about 75 minutes. We develop partnership with another TV channels, press and Internet medias to perform the communication around the project.

The Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts are kept up to date with the actualities and news of project.

Specially designed jerseys with the partner’s logos are wearied by the participants all along the Tour and at the official events.

Technical cars are decorated with logos and colors of partners.

French Cycling Federation (La Fédération Française de Cyclisme) is one of th eprincipal partners of the project and is communicating the news and promotion by their internet page, newsletter and social media channels.

About us

Sporting event organized by the Club Donnons des Elles Au Vélo Evry-Courcouronnes, aiming to bring back a stage women's cycling event in France for the professional elite as well as the development and promotion of women's cycling in the regions.

Our Contacts

11 avenue du Parc aux Biches
91000 Evry

+33 6 72 82 87 36