About the project

This year, with a team of 9 female cyclists, who will complete the entire 21 stages with the following objectives in mind :

  • Democratize the practice of mixed cycling and act for its feminization
  • Create sustainable local dynamics by bringing together groups of women cyclists or those who are far from cycling, through the territorial action of female ambassadors
  • Contribute to the promotion and visibility of women's cycling at local, national and international level by raising awareness among the general public of the place of women in sport
  • Join the Sport health policy to attract a new public to cycling, as a prevention tool
  • Communicate with communities, the public and the media on their necessary involvement in the Tour de France Women

DDEAV J-1 it is



Meet our ambassadress

They are 9 and each wants to take women's cycling to the highest level. Since 2022, the return of Tour de France Femmes has marked a major step forward.

About us

Sporting event organized by the Club Donnons des Elles Au Vélo Evry-Courcouronnes, aiming to bring back a stage women's cycling event in France for the professional elite as well as the development and promotion of women's cycling in the regions.

Our Contacts

11 avenue du Parc aux Biches
91000 Evry

+33 6 72 82 87 36